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Clinica La Esperanza

Thanks to our supporters we have set a new record at Clinica La Esperanza (Clinic of Hope) here in Copan Ruinas Honduras. To date we have treated we treated a record 34,600 patients. Credit for this goes to both our PFC supporters and our wonderful Honduran doctors.
Through a unique donor supplement program we have been able to keep the doors open and to bring affordable health care to thousands of Chorti poor for as little as $16.00 US dollars per day. Or a cost of only $0.79 cents to treat a single patient.

Dr. Karla Obando

PFC supports the doctors by allowing them full use our our clinic, equipment, and donated medicines at no charge while our contributors donate a small hourly supplement for each hour that the clinic is open. In return the doctors charge the patient a very low fee that is affordable which on average is only 25% of a normal doctor's consultation fee. Even though the fees are low the doctors can earn enough through patient volume. 100% of all fees charged go to the doctors, so there is no need for accountants or other personnel to increase the costs of operation.

To become an official "PFC clinic super supporter" all it takes is a commitment from you to donate a small amount each month. To become a clinic supporter click below and make a credit card donation of your choosing. Soon after that you will receive a confirmation email from PFC and that you are an official Super Supporty of Clinica La Esperanza.

Think of the good your donation will accomplish! Here is a real hands on project that not only can you contribute to, but you can come down and actually see where and how your donation is being used. Please drop me a line and tell me that the children of Honduras can count on your support for the coming year.
As always thanks so very much for your support of the children that we serve.

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